45 Ways You Can Help a Single Mom and Make a Difference in Her Life

As a single mom, I {for the most part} wanted everyone to see me keep it all together. I had two small children, a full-time job with lots of overtime, a car note, a mortgage and I was going to school online part-time

As a single mom, I {for the most part} wanted everyone to see me keep it all together. I had two small children, a full-time job with lots of overtime, a car note, a mortgage and I was going to school online part-time. Not only was I carrying a massive amount of responsibility and fear but my pride was just as heavy. I wanted everyone to see me as this supermom capable of the impossible. However, my realty was, I was always one bill away from financial ruin and one moment away from a complete and total meltdown. 

There are certain moments during that time that left such a profound impact on my life when much of my life was a blur because of the fast pace I was having to maintain and endure. One was a co-worker who showed up at my door with a Happy Meal for my son, baby food for my daughter and a queen sized bed frame (with a mattress and box spring) with no prior warning. All because she had stopped by one day, unannounced, and as she went down the hall to use my bathroom she must have noticed that the kids and I were sleeping on an air mattress.

As a single mom, I {for the most part} wanted everyone to see me keep it all together. I had two small children, a full-time job with lots of overtime, a car note, a mortgage and I was going to school online part-time

A few days later, after she saw my son devour his Happy Meal as if it was a juicy filet mignon, she brought over several bags of groceries. My uncontrollable tears were full of gratitude and relief. 

Another moment was when a friend, brought me a beautiful bible. She said she saw it and thought I would love it, so she bought two. Another said I must have her kitchen table and chairs because she was buying a new one and wanted this set to go to a good friend.

There were several others but I may keep you here all day. My point is that I never would have asked for help. I never wanted to be a burden to anyone and my pride just wouldn’t allow me to ask or reach out. But these women saw through me, through my mask that I held tightly to. They never made me feel like a charity case, a burden nor did I feel embarrassed about accepting their kindness. And they definitely maintained my dignity above all else. I believe this to be one of the many reasons a huge part of my heart belongs to all single moms. 

If your heart is burdened for single moms too or you have a friend, neighbor or co-worker who is a single mom and you would like to do something to help her, to make an impact in her life..here are 45 of the best suggestions I could think of that would have meant the most to me.

As a single mom, I {for the most part} wanted everyone to see me keep it all together. I had two small children, a full-time job with lots of overtime, a car note, a mortgage and I was going to school online part-time

45 Ways You Can Help a Single Mom and Make a Difference in Her Life

1. Pray for her and her children.

2. Pray with her and teach her to pray. Gift her and her kids a bible.

3. Start a Single Mom Bible study and host it in your home with a babysitter and dinner for all {kids + moms}.

4. Start a mommy and me cooking class. – You provide the groceries and take home containers. 

5. Volunteer to babysit her kids.

6. Go with her to doctor’s appointments.

7. Invite her over for coffee and a playdate so she can have someone to talk to.

8. Have a Yard Clean Up day – Get your entire family and her kids involved while giving mom some time to read a book, run some errands, take a bubble bath or work on a hobby she never has time for.

9. Bake homemade breads and muffins for an easy breakfast for her and her kids. 

10. Make her some freezer meals. – When cooking for your family, double the batch and either take it to her hot out of the oven or freeze it for her to cook at her convenience. Cook whole chickens and vegetables in tin pans for her and kids.

11. Mentor and love on her children.

12. Taxi duty. – Offer to drive her kids to and from school or sports/dance practice.

13. Offer financial mentorship or be a budget coach for her.

14. Clip coupons for her.

15. Drop supplies off. – When you do your bulk shopping, pick up some extra toilet paper, paper towels, or cleaning and laundry supplies. Tell her you bought too much, have no room and need to get rid of it. 

16. Celebrate her birthday. – Single moms rarely celebrate or do anything extra for themselves. Surprise her with a birthday cake, a gift card, flowers and an encouraging card. 

17. Celebrate her on Mother’s Day. – Same as above. You could also help her kids create a cute card or craft for her.

18. Take her kids out to shop for her for Christmas. – Many single moms will receive nothing under the Christmas tree. While we’re fine with that, it is extra special to know that someone went out of their way to ensure you were thought of. 

19. Clean her home while she’s at work. – This one you may need to tell her you insist and will not take no for an answer. But believe me, it will be such an amazing gift of love and kindness.

20. Share your children’s gently used clothes and shoes with her. 

21. Take her thrift store shopping. – Plan this in advance as something you really like to do and want her to come along and join in the fun. See who can put together the cutest outfit for the cheapest price and hunt for new and undiscovered thrift stores around your city. Take her to lunch afterward.

22. Give her a gas card. – This is always needed. I remember days I would have to call into work and keep the kids home from school because I did not have enough gas in my car. 

23. Offer to pay for her kids to attend the same summer camp as your kids or the same sports team or dance class. 

24. Deliver her a week’s worth of groceries with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

25. Share your children’s toys and books with her. 

26. Have her give you her shopping list and cash and go grocery shopping for her. Or run some errands for her.

27. Share this list of Nationwide Resources with her and help her identify options within your local community or church.

28. Offer her your gently used furniture.

29. Check in on them during severe weather alerts.

30. Buy her a new mattress {the kids too if it’s in your budget}.

31. Start a “Mother’s Day Out” program at your church or a day to teach single mom’s kids different sports skills.

32. Take photos of her kids at school events if she’s unable to get off of work.

33. Co-host a yard sale (if she lives in an apartment). – Once it’s over maybe offer her your portion of the days’ sales too.

34. Invite her and the kids to church or to a community event with you.

35. Invite her and the kids over for dinner with your entire family. Or host a family game night.

36. Go for a walk with her. – This will give her the opportunity to talk and share with you while the kids are burning off energy which will make their bedtime routine a breeze.

37. Offer free tutoring for her kids or for her if she’s in school too. If you know how to play an instrument, teach her kids. Talk to your church about starting a Tutoring Program for single mom’s kids.

38. Give her a gift certificate to a local nail salon, spa or coffee shop and offer to watch her kids.

39. Drop off an encouraging gift basket for her at her door.

40. Offer to help with easy home and/or car repairs. 

41. Pay for her oil change or a new set of tires.

42. Help her afford a much-need vacation. – Do you have a time-share she can stay in for a long weekend or airline and hotel points you can share?

43. Give her a wonderful holiday. – Invite her to Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas caroling, or a New Year’s Eve party. Gift her with her own stocking filled with lots of goodies and gift cards. She may be alone for the holidays and it can already be a difficult time of year when their holiday traditions have been disrupted due to divorce, separation or death of her spouse. 

44. Keep her on your guest list for parties, outings and get-togethers.

45. Cover a week’s worth of childcare (or more if you can afford to do so) or pay her electric or water bill one month. 

And above all…be a prayer warrior, a friend, an advocate, an encourager and someone she can trust and depend on.


What are some things you’ve done or if you’re a single mom reading this, what would you add to this list?

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As a single mom, I {for the most part} wanted everyone to see me keep it all together. I had two small children, a full-time job with lots of overtime, a car note, a mortgage and I was going to school online part-time

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  1. I think all these ways to help single mums are a fantastic idea. I really like random acts of kindness and where best to start but with someone who really deserves it. Many of these things like offering to babysit or clipping coupons for her, do not cost anything but really makes a difference. Thank you for all these suggestions. Today I am going to sort out my daughters clothes that she has grown out of to gift to my friends daughter.

    1. Thank you! I love that you’re going to get your daughter involved! And I promise it will make a huge difference to a single mom you may know.

  2. I am not a mother myself but this detailed post really helps a lot in thinking thing thru in the future! Great post, and great help to single moms!

    xo, KatrissaTalks

  3. I honestly, genuinely love this post! I’ve written a few articles like this too. I just love a giving spirit! Well done you for sharing your ideas of how to do even more. Some of the things I’ve done include taking the kids out for a fun day, giving the mom a chance to relax, also I sometimes help with paying bills, combing hair, giving pedicures etc.

  4. Reading this post is both heartwarming and heart breaking. The reason I say the latter is because I have realised that I could have been helping so many of my friends and neighbours, yet it just hadn’t crossed my mind.
    So by writing this on your post as a reminder, each week I am going to come back to this list and look at how I can help single mums close to me.
    Thank you for the inspiration and for helping me become a better person.

    1. Ah, Sandy! You are an incredible person! I love that you want to make a difference in the lives of these women and their children.

  5. As a struggling single mum, this post filled me with hope. A few people have shown me so much kindness over the past year and it has really helped turn my life around and those of my children. My best friend regularly babysits for me and another friend gave me her daughter’s old bed which was still in really good condition. There are so many ways to help other people such as myself and I really hope some people will take some of these steps to help other struggling families.

    1. That makes me so happy to hear! You’re a strong woman Rachel and it sounds like you have amazing friends!

  6. I find it really hard to ask for help, even when it is offered to me. My friend recently saw how hard I found it to be a single mom, the things I miss out on for my daughter and asked me how she could help. It meant the world to me, just that she wanted to talk. We grabbed a coffee just to talk and feel like a normal human from time to time. I love this post so much – sharing with everyone!

    1. Jess, you have a such a sweet friend! Pride is something that keeps us from reaching out to others or asking for help when we need it most. Give your pride to the Lord and allow him to open doors of opportunity or bring new people in your life who will add value and will create a strong support system for you. Thank you for sharing!

  7. I think number 7 and number 16 are the big ones for me. Sometimes I want to feel like a real human being. Something else as well as mum. Being a single mum can be hard at times but I have to remain strong for my children who are the greatest gift to me. I have a good network of friends who see me as Izzie rather than just a Mum. I think this is so important.

    1. Hi, Izzie! I’m so happy you’re here! Parenting on our own has to be the hardest job out there but also the most rewarding! It’s awesome to know that God has entrusted us with the care of our littles. Stay strong and connected to your friends…sounds like you have a great network.

  8. I love this piece, I have a friend who is also a single mum, I understand her frustrations at times, that’s why I try to help her do some house chores, play with her kid whenever I have the time,I will try to adopt some of the methods listed here to help out more. Nice piece Shaylah

  9. Whenever I see a single mom struggling to balance her financial and social life, my heart melts. I have been there, had two beautiful kids that I had to cater for while also trying to balance my social life. I tell you it wasn’t easy, but I was able to get through it, thanks to my friends and family who were always there for me. Now my kids are in college and also doing well. My advice to all single moms out there is to keep your head up, be confident and never let anything get to you.

  10. Number 45 and 37 is where I could really use some help. I work and study at the same time and at the end of the day I still have to find the time to tutor my kid. It’s really challenging.

  11. Shaylah thanks for this nice post. People seem to overlook the work a single mom goes through every day to put food on the table for her kids, pay bills while also taking care of her self. I hope people get to read this piece, helping out a single mom is an act of serving God.

  12. Life can be very difficult if you don’t have a partner to share your problems with. I know this because my sister is a single mom. She’s always on the edge and struggles so much. I believe people like that should be helped in whatever capacity one can. That’s why whenever I’m around I do babysit for her.

  13. I’m a daughter of a single mother with 5 kids. It has not been easy but I thank God in all ways. Neighbours have been wonderful to us. It thus increases love and peace in our society. God bless all! Thumbs up!

    1. Wow – Five kids! You have a strong mom Kathryn! I’m so happy to hear that growing up you had such thoughtful neighbors. Bless you!

  14. Cool. It’s inspiring! I mean I never thought of single mothers. God have mercy on them. I read many of your other writings and you really have a unique style. I found it captivating!

  15. Be good to people to enslave their hearts, for ages goodness has been enslaving mankind. I’ve learned more ways to help single mothers. Great post! Really helpful

  16. I have a co-worker in my office who is also a single mom. I get a little nervous offering her my help because I don’t want her to think I’m looking down on her, but I’m going to make sure I offer my help and I will try to help in whatever capacity I can.

    1. I would recommend that you for sure reach out to her. There is a way you can offer your help without her feeling bad about herself. I’m certain she will be very grateful! Bless you!

  17. Being a single mom is a journey that needs love and care. I’m always looking out for such women to help. According to the popular saying, do what you want others to do to you, we should learn to help this set of women who are going through so much!

  18. This is a very nice post. It will really be good to see more of this type of posts on the web; it will surely make life easier for all.
    You have made a wonderful list here and dropping off encouraging gift basket is one thing I have always done to encourage single moms.

  19. Interesting tips here. I have gone through a couple of your post here and found that they are all amazing and inspiring contents every woman should read. I already shared the blog with some friends too. Helping with my car repairs is one of the great things you could ever do for me.

  20. Single moms need support and care. It’s not easy having a 9-5 job coupled with taking care of young children. I believe there’s a support group for them and I would love to be a contributor.

  21. This is one thing I always do to help and encourage my neighbor who is also a single mother. I simply offer to enroll her kids to attend the same summer as my children. The kids do come home to share their wonderful experiences and I often see the face of my neighbor lit with joy and hope.

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