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The FTC has created a document which fully outlines disclosure statements for blogs, tweets and status updates.

All of my posts are mine and full of my beefy opinions. I can be pretty opinionated and brutally honest at times. When I come across a product I like, I certainly want to share it with my friends. Just as you would recommend a great book, movie or even a plumber to a friend. This does not mean that I represent the company or author nor am I compensated for my opinion. I will ALWAYS inform my readers if I should ever be sent a product to keep and review. That would be pretty cool but I haven’t had one yet! So basically everything I write is based on my experience, research or opinion.

Some links in my posts are affiliate links. Please just assume every email or page on this site that contains affiliate links for your convenience, a small commission may be paid to There Once Was This Girl only when you click on the link and make a purchase.  We consider it a blessing to be able to fund this site and the social marketing that goes along with it, without creating debt for our family. And there is no increased cost to you. I will only share products and companies who will offer savings and discounts to my readers.

So if you are purchasing through the links posted on this site or through email, thank you! Someday if it pays for my kids’ college tuition costs, creates housing and childcare opportunities for single moms and allows us to move to a farm to raise mini goats and rescue chihuahuas, then that would be awesome and I’d obviously be a household name. 

I only post affiliate links to products and companies I use personally or I really, really love…since more than likely I’ll be talking about them anyway. And will never promote a product or service that my family wouldn’t use as well. Our intent is to connect you with books, services, products and ministries that are life-giving and helpful to others.

I love to share and help others succeed in their God-given callings and endeavors. I also love to share products and resources that I find helpful and beneficial and feel we can all benefit from the ideas and callings of others. Your trust is important to us and we will always specify if the content is part of a marketing or sponsorship campaign.

Sometimes I’ll interview another person for an article or allow them to submit their story via guest post submissions. At that point, everything they say is their own personal opinion. However, you won’t find content that is not relevant to God’s direction and uses for this blog.

If you have any questions, please email us at  shaylahcoogan{at}thereoncewasthisgirl{dot}com



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