You must be here for some delicious, mouth watering recipes, right? I’m sorry to disappoint!  I’m in the process of writing up beautiful recipes for you straight my husband’s chicken scratch notes. If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, which I hope you do {it’s not too late, just click the social links) then you know I landed a man who’s not only an awesome husband and dad to my kiddos but he’s one hell of a chef! Ladies, this guy even makes me and the kids freezer meals for the days he’s traveling!  I’m telling you….I Prayed. This. Man. In!  So he has lots to share to help you out in the kitchen especially if you have kids with the pickiest of appetites {like my son}.

During my years as a single mom, trying new recipes wasn’t affordable. I couldn’t take the financial risk to ruin the recipe. And I didn’t have the time to just whip up another dinner so I stuck with the meals I knew I couldn’t ruin like boxed meals, sandwiches or frozen meals. The three of us had a very limited and bland palate when Corey came into our lives. I just couldn’t afford to take risks when it came for food.

Anyway, I’ll be adding them soon as well as some super budget friendly, dollar stretching meals that we’ve created that the kids can help cook too!

xo ~ Shaylah

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