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Hey friend!  Let’s get to know each other better while encouraging others!

So as a true empath, writer and storyteller, I can easily be carried away and moved to tears by the sweet words of a single mom. One who has fought long and hard, struggled and triumphed through the lowest of lows, and at times blazed the trail for other moms to follow while giving all glory to our Father in Heaven above.

My family and those closest to me will tell you that my heart beats for struggling single moms.I think sharing encouragement, hope and God’s love is a great place to start to help those who are hurting and drowning.

And this is where  you come in!

I want to hear from you and share your story for others to be encouraged and inspired by.  And if you have your own blog, even better…just share your link in your submission. I’m all about helping others share their inspiring blogs!

What if you don’t have a blog but would still love to share your story?  Please submit through the instructions below.

Do you know of a single mom or former single mom with a beautiful and inspiring story to share? Please share this link with her!

Who Should Submit a Guest Post:

  1.  Any woman or man who has parented or is parenting alone either widowed, divorced, never married, separated, military spouse or incarcerated spouse.
  2. Any adult (18+) who was raised by a single mom who feels they can inspire and encourage other moms and their kids.
  3. You would like to share your story to help others.
  4. You can provide some hope, encouragement, helpful scripture or a blessing to those who will read it within the text of your story.

Tips for Writing a Guest Post

  1. Subscribe to my blog {lets be friends!} by submitting your info on the sidebar.
  2. Write your best content.
  3. Concentrate on the quality of your content and how you can help others.
  4. Ensure YOUR blog is ready before submitting your guest post. (if you have blog, I’d love to promote it)
  5. Agree to promote and share the link to your story via social media, unless you wish to remain anonymous.
  6. Include a 2-3 sentence bio and a link to your blog (if you have your own blog).
  7. Your story can remain anonymous, but I need to know who you are.
  8. Please do not double space between sentences and paragraphs.
  9. Double, triple and quadruple check your submission for spelling and grammatical errors.
  10. Minimum 500 words with a maximum of 1,000 words.
  11. Please allow up to 10 days for approval of your submission. 

No blog but still wish to share? No problem!

  1.  Follow the same instructions as above, just you won’t have a blog to link.
Three Sentance Maximum
500 to 1,000 Word Maximum
100 Word Maximum
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